About Eefje

I dipped my hair in some space. #dipdye #hairstyles #galaxyhair #kinkikappers #oudegracht #utrecht

I work as an editorial graphic designer for a newspaper and I love geeky fandom, feminism and all sorts of creative things like knitting, crochet, drawing, painting, writing, photography, video and design. This blog is a hub where I share my different creative pursuits, a place where I can try out and tinker with stuff I make.

This blog is in English, but if you go back far enough you’ll run into posts that are in my native Dutch. I aim to post once a week but it generally ends up being once a fortnight. 🙂


Other places on the web I can be found:
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You can still read all of the Nerdfighter magazine The Anglerfish issues that I worked on.