I love Animal Crossing

It has been ages since I took up my nintendo ds and spend some time gaming. But I was recently reminded about how much I loved playing Animal Crossing: Wild World and I decided to visit my town again.

I enjoy this game immensely, both on the ds lite and on the wii, so now that there’s a new version out in which one can actually be the mayor of their little town, I really want to play it! Of course, it’s for the 3ds, and my ds lite won’t be able to play it.

This is my dilemma. My ds lite still works exactly as it should, and I still have several games I can continue to play on it, including Animal Crossing: Wild world. A 3ds can also play all the ds games I have, so I would not be giving them up. (Or else I’d still have the ds lite to play them on.) It’s just that I haven’t played in so long and I didn’t really miss it in that time, that I question if the investment of a new 3ds would be worth it for me. I’m far from a die hard gamer, and to get a new sytem just to play one game, would be too much.

I really want to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I’ve seen what other people are doing with it and it looks amazing and so fun. But can I really justify the investment it would be when I have Wild World and Let’s Go To The City and can still play them?