Books books books!

Four books I had ordered arrived today. Now my to-read pile is approaching absurd proportions.


I am not allowed to buy any more books until I’ve read these!
(I also have pile of books I’ve started and then for one reason or an other stopped reading, but that I do want to finish. It’s only five books though.)

Those of you who keep up with my I found a bookmark blog might remember having seen The Shack on my accepted suggestions list there. There’s a Dutch translation in my library and I intend to read this English copy and then put the bookmark into the Dutch library-book. (Like I did with An Abundance of Katherines. Whose writer by the way, John Green, is on this to-read pile three times.)

I also try to read along with which-ever book Mark is doing over on Mark Reads, but since I’ve already fallen way behind on Lord of the Rings I’m not sure that’s something I’ll be able to do. (It’s okay, I have read LOTR several times before, but still.)

Yes, I’m crazy about books. I love reading, and although I can never go as fast as I could when I was a child (because I had so much more time then) I do want to keep reading a lot. Thankfully I have a boyfriend who’s also an avid reader, so we can lie next to each other in bed and blissfully read our books.


  • Oh! Mag ik Hugo, en Snuff! en Let it Snow van je lenen als je ze uit hebt? 😀

    • Natuurlijk! Ik heb The Big Over Easy van jou ook nog steeds liggen. (Op het andere stapeltje…oeps!)
      Je zou bijvoorbeeld Hugo ook best mogen lenen voor ik hem zelf gelezen heb. (Snuff niet, dat is een kerstcadeautje dus die krijgt voorrang bij mij.)
      Geef maar een gil als je er eentje wil! (Dat rijmt, dus 't is waar.)

      edit: Hugo is wel de Nederlandse vertaling, dat kan je van de zijkant natuurlijk niet zien met zo'n titel. 🙂

    • Yes indeed!

      But is it really work when I love it and am only doing it for myself?

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