I had been thinking about joining Goodreads for a while because quite some people I know (or find interesting) are on it. But I was hesitant to join yet another network, what with being on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and such. At some point one would think I’m on enough platforms on this world wide web.

But I always want to try new things and there is no rule that says I can’t abandon something again if I don’t like it or if it turns out to be uninteresting. So I made an account a couple of days ago, and have been playing with my Goodreads profile and bookshelves ever since.

It should come as no surprise that I’m a book-lover and I’ve been going nuts finding books I’ve read and putting them on my ‘read’ shelf and tagging books I would like to read. There is a mind-blowing nummer of books in the world, and Goodreads is a good reminder of that. One of the things I love about it how you can select the edition you’ve read, and how that includes translations. I read a lot of English books, but I also read quite a bit of Dutch books (I do love my native language) and I’m glad I can include that in my Goodreads profile. I can even select the Dutch translations of well known books (Like the works of Astrid Lindgren) because those are the versions I’ve read.

I’m really enjoying it. Seeing what other people think of books and what they’ve read and would like to read is inspiring. Comparing which books I have in common with someone I like or admire leads to book suggestions I would not have come across otherwise. My to-read list is growing quite large, I can’t help it. I WANT TO READ ALL THE BOOKS!