Newspaper Blackout Poems

I recently stumbled upon the awesome writer Austin Kleon and his Newspaper Blackout Poems.
I immediately wanted his book (check the link) and since I had a birthday coming up I saved it as a gift-idea.
And then I got it! Kleon takes a newspaper and blacks out the words he doesn’t need to get poems. I can not get over how awesome I find this idea. Probably because I spend my time at work making newspaper-pages. The re-usage of other peoples words and making something new with it is such a great idea. And newspapers are perfect for this because they are made to discard once read. It’s recycling.
Kleon encourages others to try to make their own Newspaper Blackout Poems, so I got an old NRC (Dutch paper I subscribe to, not the one I work for) and made my own (click the image to see it large enough to read):

ontstaan van optimisme
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Translated to English:

The emergence of
unclear (‘has been elucidated’ is also a Google translate option)
it boils down to:
a kind of vagueness

Now I’m going to submit this poem to Austin Kleon’s tumblr and paste the actual poem in my sketchbook.


Edit: there was an erroneous extra ‘het’ that I forgot to black out between ‘komt’ and ‘erop neer’. I’ve since done this (as you can see) but the scan that I uploaded to the tumblr still has the mistake in it, but there’s nothing I can do about that now.