So Pottermore is finally open to the public. When it was announced last summer I got really excited, and then a little disappointed that I didn’t get into the beta. But I though that waiting three months wouldn’t be so terrible and that I’d get to try it soon enough. And then it kept getting pushed back and I sort of forgot about it, because there was no set date any more and beta-testers were getting a little frustrated with the problems it still had, some people didn’t really like it at all.

And then word got out that it would open in early April. Which became mid April. And now it’s really here.
I think hearing the disappointed reactions from some of the beta-testers really helped with me enjoying it now. Not having high hopes means I don’t get them dashed, instead I am really enjoying it. Getting the extra back stories on some characters and all the extra world building J.K. Rowling thought up but didn’t put in the books is incredibly  awesome to know and read about. I wish there was even more then we get now. I get that once I’m done with going through the first book it stops because the other books aren’t on there yet, and that’s not fun for people who’ve been waiting for new content almost as long as I’ve been waiting to get onto Pottermore. But what we do get is quite rewarding to me. I like the way it’s presented and so far, I also like brewing potions and duelling which will hopefully stay fun even when I’m done with the first book. Of course, everything is all shiny and new to me now, so I can’t say whether I will still be enthusiastic about it in a couple of weeks time.

I quite liked the kind of questions that determined what kind of wand I would get (a surprisingly swishy rowan wand, 13 3/4 inches long and with a unicorn hair core), but I feel the sorting questions should have been a little bit more different, and there should be more of them to get a better accuracy as to what kind of person you are. Just because I like watery things like rivers doesn’t mean I’m a Slytherin, it just means I’m Dutch. Although getting sorted into Slytherin is okay with me. I’m getting used to the idea and I am liking it. Which house I’d be in isn’t a big thing for me though. I have always been able to see a little of myself in each house, so I was never very certain one way or the other. I would have liked to be a Hufflepuff, because I dig the underdog position, I like badgers (more than snakes!), and it’s rumoured that the Hufflepuff common room has a hobbity feel to it and I dig all things hobbit. On the other hand, I like water and the Slytherin common room has aquarium windows that look into the lake. Different tests place me in different houses, depending on the site I’ve been in all four of them, so let’s just see what Slytherin-Eefje is like, shall we?


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