I’ve finally gotten a day when I’m at home during daylight hours, and it’s a miserable misty grey day. But I did not want to wait any longer to photograph my latest cuddlies. I’ve been crocheting again and here are the results:


I started with a pointy nose and my idea’s about what kind of animal/creature it would be changed at least four times during the making of it. That’s probably why I don’t really know what it is. Crochet with cotton yarn, glass bead eyes, felt pouch and ears (sewn on) and cute buttons to attach the limbs). In the pouch is a turnip-looking thingy. (It has a pouch, so something needed to be in it.)

Lil' Octo

You might recall this octopus, well it just got a little sibling. It’s smaller and I really like how this one turned out. I’m thinking about making some more in different colours to give as gifts or something. Crocheted with hooked spaghetti, felt and googly eyes.