Excitement for the Scheepjes CAL 2016

Today the new Scheepjes CAL starts. CAL stands for ‘crochet along’, and it’s something that Dutch yarn company Scheepjes does every year. They have a big project that they give the pattern for in instalments. I’ve never joined one before but the idea of making the same thing as thousands of other people and having a community to ask questions and share progress in has always been very tempting.

This year my best friend and I really wanted to join because the pattern (a blanket with lots of different stitch patterns) and available colour ways (you can buy Scheepjes yarn kits) are really beautiful. And because of Wink (Marinke). I’ve never met her but I loved following her blog a creative being and always felt like she and I were alike. Kindred beings. So when the news came that she had passed away due to depression it hit me hard. This CAL was the last project she worked on, and Scheepjes and Winks family decided to continue it in her honour. The patterns were finished by the other Scheepjes bloggers, Winks friends. And for every yarn kit sold a small donation goes to a mental health charity.

Scheepjes CAL yarn

I’m going to be making the Scheepjes CAL in the Dance in the Rain colour way. It’s just so gorgeous! The soft pastels and the taupey tints make me really happy. (My bestie is going for the Dance in the Sea colours.) I’m a little nervous, I’ve never made a blanket before. Or, I should say, I’ve never finished a blanket before. They’re large projects that require a lot of time and are not very travel friendly (I often crochet or knit on my commute). But this one is special and I’m excited about it. Plus, I only have knitting WIPs so I’m allowed to start on a big crochet one. (Although I really, really should finish some of those WIPs. As I’m typing this I’ve got five, one of which I only need to weave in some ends! Why I haven’t done that yet but keep casting on new things really is a mystery. And maybe I should look at the other projects that are hibernating and I’m currently ignoring.)

This afternoon the first pattern wil be released on the Scheepjes website and in the Facebook groups. It’s free, you can do it with different yarn if you don’t want to buy a kit (although you won’t get help in the groups) so everybody can check it out and see if the pattern speaks to them.

When I’m hooking my first stitches, I’ll be thinking of all the joy Winks work has brought me. I’ll be making the first square for you Marinke.

Scheepjes CAL yarn