Free crochet pattern for your doll

Blythe Shawl/Wrap

Hi everyone! I love both knitting and crochet. They are different techniques and I tend to have one of both types of projects in progress at all times. This way, I always have something if I feel like doing one or the other. So the knitted Sweater Top isn’t the only doll clothing I designed. I also made a lovely crochet wrap! I have put this crochet pattern for free on my ravelry, just like the top. I basically learned all of my crochet skills by virtue of the internet and people sharing their knowledge freely, so I am paying it forward. Something for the crocheters amongst you.

Blythe Shawl/Wrap Blythe Shawl/Wrap

Here’s my Blythe doll Puck modelling the wrap. I couldn’t chose between shawl and wrap for the name of the crochet pattern, so it’s called ‘Blythe Shawl/Wrap’. I know, super original. But hey, it’s pretty much both, right? And there’s value in having a clear descriptive name. I really enjoyed crocheting this, the rhythm of the pattern is fun and simple once you figure it out. What’s also great is that this crochet pattern is suitable for any doll with a similar sized body like for example Pullip, Tangkou, Barbie and Monster High. You could even make it for a larger doll by using a heavier weight yarn and a larger hook. So it’s not exclusive to Blythe collectors. If you want the pattern you can download it directly by clicking here. Enjoy! Please let me know what you think of the pattern and share what you make. Add it as a project on ravelry!

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