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Apple cake

The apple cake I baked! Tonight, my best friend is coming over and we’re going to eat it. OMNOMNOM. It’s a simple recipe (I got it from here – it’s in Dutch) and I’ve made it before. All I did was replace the dairy with somethings soy-based so my friend can eat it (she’s lactose intolerant) and put in more cardamon and cinnamon because I love the stronger taste of it.

In other news, I’m still crocheting a lot.


This blankie is my current project. It’s a ripple pattern, something I’ve wanted to try eversince reading this post on Dottie Angels blog. I was having some trouble understanding it well enough to make it work, untill I found this excellent written out version of the pattern that even little slow me can understand.
I’ve had these cotton strands for ages, bought them on a whim because I really liked the colour combinations, and I’ve finally found a project they’re awesome for. But now I’m running out and I have to go to the store as stoon as I can and hope that my colours are still available…
Once I’ve understood the pattern it became very enjoyable to crochet, it’s almost like meditation! I think I’ll be crocheting little and larger blankies for a long time to come.

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