Knitting and crochet WIPs

How many knitting and crochet projects are you working on currently? Whenever I get really excited about yarn crafts I keep adding project after project and suddenly I am juggling an absurd number of WIPs (Work In Progress). Some I lose interest in and they end up hibernating until I decide what to do with them (go back and finish or frog?).

I figured it’s a good idea to post a clear overview of what I’ve got in all the different little (and large) project bags all over my apartment. If only so y’all can keep me accountable when I want to start a new project.

Helix socks

I treated myself to Wol met Verve’s kwartaalselectie (Dutch website). This means that each season this year I get a lovely yarny surprise in the mail. The spring selection was a wonderful hand dyed speckled merino and an undyed wool/nylon base yarn. Wol met Verve always adds a pattern specifically written for the yarn selection and the Helix sock pattern included got me really enthusiastic! I’ve never knit socks before. In fact, I always thought that I would dislike knitting socks. (I tried once but it really didn’t work for me and I frogged the project.) But it turns out that I love it. LOVE IT. I guess it was just waiting for the right pattern at the right time in my life. I’m going pretty fast with my socks, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll finish them soon. I’ve actually bought myself an ebook called How to Knit Socks that Fit because I want to learn all the different ways socks can be knit. And I’m already thinking about what type of socks I want to knit after these. I’ve got some beautiful sock yarn as a gift for my birthday last summer, from a museum that sells yarn with colour ways based on the paintings they’ve got. That will be my next pair after I finish the Helix ones.

My @wolmetverve surprise yarn has arrived! A hand dyed pure merino and un-dyed 75% wool 25% nylon. These will make some wonderful socks and I can't wait to cast them on. They'll be my first self knitted socks. #yarnlove #yarnygoodness #yarn #craft #wolmet So far, I'm really enjoying this stitch pattern. #knitting #knittinglove #instaknit #craft #yarn #wolmetverve #helixsocks #yarnygoodness #ravelry

Working on the second sock while in the train on my way to my best friend. We're going to a knitting fair isle workshop tomorrow and I'll also get to pick up my yarn kit for the Scheepjes 2016 CAL. Excitement all around. ? #craft #knitting #yarnlove

Scheepjes CAL Dance in the Rain

As you know from my last post this project has only just started. At its quickest it’ll take 14 weeks, and I can guarantee that I’ll go slower than that. But that’s okay! A blanket is a big, big project and that’s supposed to take a lot of time.

Second square

Driftwood jumper

I’ve been working on the Driftwood jumper on and off for almost a year now. It’s slow going because it’s very tight on small needles. (Which gives a nice warm fabric.) Currently I’m a bit upset with the work I’ve done since I don’t like the way the stitches under the armpit look. I’ve figured out that there’s a better way of making those but I’ll have to frog the sleeve that I’ve knit so far and I haven’t felt like doing that yet. Eventually I’ll do it and at some point I’ll finish it and get to wear this wonderful warm jumper when it’s cold.



Sheep col

My best friend asked if I wanted to join her for a fair isle knitting workshop. I kinda felt like I already knew how to work with multiple colours, although not always very practical I usually manage, but I’m always down for fun crafty time spend with her so I said yes. What a great decision that was! The workshop was given by Annemieke van Walsum and I learned so much. How to knit continental (working yarn in the left hand instead of right), how to carry my yarn without tangling my working thread and that it’s okay if your second colour is a lighter weight. As a bonus we got this cute sheep col pattern to work on. We also got a knitpro circular needle, which has an interchangeable system which I am now in love with. If anyone wants to buy me the Symfonie Deluxe set I’d be much obliged.

Sheep col

Sheep col

Foxy gloves

Having done the fair isle workshop will surely also help with these foxy gloves! I started very enthusiastically on this project in the fall, but once I added the third colour it became much more of a hassle to knit because of the working threads tangling when I carry the yarn in the back. So when I put it down for a bit I didn’t pick it back up again for months. But with the techniques I’ve learned (am still learning because you have to keep doing it to get good at it) in the workshop I’m sure it’ll be more fun to continue on with this instead of just doing a round once in a while.

Foxy mitten

Foxy mitten

The project of which I only needed to weave in some ends that I mentioned last post has finally been finished. I can’t show it yet though because it’s a gift and I have to wait until I’ve given it before I can share it here. Which will be sometime at the end of May.

I am posting a lot about yarn crafts lately, that just happens to be the thing I am currently focused on. Don’t worry, the photography, drawing and painting, and book talk will be back in addition to the yarny goodness of course. 🙂