Knitting is the thing: a look at my current projects

I thought it was time for a knitting update! As ever I have several projects going on, although to be fair, some of those are clearly in hibernation until I come back to them. Here are three that AREN’T in hibernation.


First I want to share my awesome new fingerless mitts. I’m so incredibly happy with how they turned out and they were great to knit. The pattern is Menelaos Mitts by Simone Bechtold and I added fingers to it myself (using a technique from the Majority Mitts pattern by Jodie Gordon Lucas). You can see the details on my Ravelry project page. I’ve never knit mittens with fingers before so I’m really happy about learning how to do it! Although having to weave in ALL THE ENDS is my least favourite bit.




This shawl I started just to have something to knit. A while back I broke a needle and couldn’t continue with the project I was designing so I cast this on in the mean time. It’s pretty simple, a triangular shawl in garter stitch with eyelets. Silly as I was I did not make any notes. Since it was so simple, I could remember the choices I was making, right? WRONG. I let it lie for a while when I went back to my secret design project, and now that I’ve picked it up again I have to try and figure out how I chose to end the short row sections… Safe to say I’ve been tinking back several times. (Tink is knit backwards and basically means ‘unknitting’.)



Speaking about broken needles, the secret design project I mentioned has been having the worst of luck. I keep breaking the needles! I’m knitting it on the 3mm interchangeable knitpro symfonie needles, and I’ve now broken four of them. ?

The thing is, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my symfonie needles. I’ve got the deluxe interchangeable set and I’ve been using the 3.5mm continuously. The 3mm isn’t a part of the set, I bought it loose. And I have a 2.5mm circular needle (not interchangeable) and I love that one too! It’s just the 3mm that turns out to be too fragile in the interchangeable version.
When the first one snapped I got a new set from the store, when the second one snapped I bought a new set, when the third one snapped I used the spare I got from the extra set and now I’ve snapped a fourth one. TOO FRAGILE. I’ve never broken any needle before. I’ve lost sock needles, but I’ve never ever broken a needle. The problem isn’t me.


I’m a little lost right now. I don’t want to buy the same needles again because I think I’ll just break one at some point. But I do want to finish this project. (Photos will have to wait until I finish the pattern!) So I need a good set of 3mm circular needles that are not too different from the ones I’ve knit the rest of the project on. Maybe I just need to get myself a non interchangeable 3mm knitpro symfonie one, after all, I have one in 2.5mm and that’s great.

What would you do? Buy the same needles again to finish the project? Or get the non-interchangeable kind? Or just go with a different needle brand/type althogether?


  • I am very happy that you like the mittens 🙂 Adding fingers is a great modification to the pattern and I like how they turned out.

    Concerning the needles… The 3.00mm interchangeable symfonie is the only needle I ever broke, at the exact same point as yours. Good to know that I am not just a stupid ruffian 😉 But it’s a bummer that they are so fragile. By now I changed to metal needles for the smaller sizes.

    • Oh it happened to you too? It sucks but I am glad I'm not the only one. 😀 I really prefer wood/bamboo needles over metal, and I had an older wooden circular needle still lying around so I'm finishing the project on those. Although they are not as smooth as I would like them to be, I've been pretty hard on them in the past and it shows. I'll probably try others in the future. Maybe I do need to see how I do with other materials again.

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