Knitting socks is my new addiction

This last week I had a lovely family getaway, the weather was amazing and the house we stayed at was awe inspiring. It was huge! Granted, we’re a family of currently 16 (soon to be 18 since both my sister and sister in law are pregnant) but we had so much more space than we had expected. It was great. I spend a lot of time of sitting in the sun (or shade when it was too warm) just knitting while my nephews and nieces played on the trampoline and in the rest of the great garden. So much that I finished my Helix socks! I only have to weave in the ends and block them.

Helix socks

Since I’ve really enjoyed knitting these socks – more than I ever expected – I am definitely going to be knitting more (I’ve already got the yarn for two other pairs). I’ve started reading the ebook of How To Knit Socks That Fit by Donna Druchunas, which details different techniques. I want to try out knitting toe-up next. I’m really excited about finding out which type of sock knitting I like the best.

Because I want to make more socks, I think it’s smart to get myself a pair of sock blockers. But it would appear they’re really rare? And ridiculously expensive. Seriously. The cheapest ones I’ve found in a Dutch webshop are handmade wooden ones. Shouldn’t there be a more affordable simple wire option somewhere? Where does a Dutch knitter like me get some sock blockers?! Of course, whenever I am in an actual physical yarn shop I forget to ask if they’ve got some or if they can give me a tip. I feel so stupid that I didn’t ask when I was in the yarn shop I visited during our trip. I specifically got some yarn for a pair of cotton socks there and they had a vast selection of yarns meant for socks. And examples of socks made from that yarn. If any shop offered sock blockers it would have been that one. But alas, my mind is a sieve sometimes.

There are some tutorials online that show you how to make your own sock blockers, but I have to say I’m not really feeling that yet. I think It’ll be difficult to get the sizing exactly right. So if any of you know of a yarn shop (web or otherwise) that offers sock blockers in the Netherlands I would very much like to know! Please, please share the link/adres with me.