That time I knitted a David Bowie 80s sweater

A thing that happened last week: I finished knitting a sweater! This is the first time I made a full sized sweater (or jumper if you’re British) and actually finished it. The story started a while ago at a yarn lounge at Sticks & Cups. Lili (the owner of the store), Elske and several others (including me) were talking about how delightful 80s sweaters are. From this came the enthusiastic idea to start a knit-along for 80s sweaters using Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm yarn. And because Lili is awesome, she decided to make it an official Sticks & Cups thing, with a deadline, a jury and prizes.

I remembered a pattern in the book Club Geluk en de Fantastische Truien that I had wanted to try, which had a perfect 80s inspired design of a lightning bolt named Disco Trui. While knitting I ran into issues with the sleeves, the math was off and I couldn’t figure out the colourwork because of it. (My copy of the book is an ARC so this issue might have been fixed in later versions.) In the end I made my own choices for the sleeves and they look good. And because Scheepjes Mohair has a lot of delightful colours (that turquoise!) I wanted to make a David Bowie inspired sweater with it. Because ICON. So I present you my Disco Bowie sweater:

I am incredibly happy with how it turned out! I feel so cool when I’m wearing it, the mohair is lovely and soft. And I managed to finish it in the three months set for the competition, weaving in the ends on the last day, so it was eligible to win something. In the end, I was just super happy with what I made. I had this awesome sweater, who cares about winning a competition, but to my surprise the jury awarded me the first prize! Thank you Esther (of Happy in Red) and Puck (of Bureau Vossen)!

The prize I won was this beautiful special edition Knit Pro Royale needle set. You know, the kind of awesome set that I’d judged too expensive when a less designed one would work just as well and I’d never actually buy for myself. I’m already using the needles for two different project and I am in love with how they knit.

An other part of the competition is a photoshoot with the winners, which will happen at the end of May. So when I get those photos I will share them everywhere, including here!


A lot of things happened since the last time I blogged. Sometimes I feel like my life is just a continuation of the same things over and over again. I’m now 32 years old and I’ve been working for the same company since I’ve graduated when I was 22. I live in the same city, hang out with the same people. So what have I got to talk about on this blog? But hey, guess what, I actually have a lot to tell! I haven’t written a blog post in about a year, and all sorts of things happened in that year that are pretty interesting topics to talk about. Even a life that is very much rooted, like mine is, has a dynamic that is worth discussing. So I’m going to talk about it in several blog post.