Messing about with fabric

See here, the result of my first attempts at sewing:

Erwin the zebra-dog and cuddle-bishop

The first one I made was the bishop. Once I had the general shape of him I thought It looked like a head with a hat, a really tall one like Sinterklaas wears (mijter). So I made it a bishops hat, and I learned to be careful because not every fabric can take getting needle-felted on. Which is why I took a regular piece of felt for the cross and put the needle felting wool on that and glued it on. So then I had to give him a face, and I just tried embroidery like I was drawing it. I’m quite happy with the result, I think I want to learn more about free-hand embroidery (not cross-stitch) because I feel at ease with it.

The actual sewing I feel I’m not really good at yet. My stitches are very sloppy and I feel I need to know more about different techniques and what to pay attention to going in.

The second fella on the photo there is called Erwin the zebra-dog. Like the bishop I made him out of fabric that used to be in clothing I now can’t wear any more (tears in stupid places and the like). His eyes I needle felted into shape (on the side) before I used the embroidery to stitch them on. I had actually made them for the bishop but felt they didn’t work there. They work here, again I’m most happy with the embroidery. I like the end result, yes my stitching is sloppy and probably not very good, but that doesn’t interfere with the character of Erwin.
I named him after Erwin Nyhoff, who’s currently a contestant on The Voice of Holland because I feel there is something sweetly doggy about him. And he can make me cry with his voice he’s such a good singer.


  • Nice! Very nice girl! Although I don't like bishops and in general men of church I kind like yours, maybe because it's just a doll! Keep it and you will see that sewing and embroidery is so much fun! 🙂

    • Thank you! I'm not generally a fan of bishops either, but I guess because of Saint Nick (Sinterklaas our Santa Clause is based on a bishop) the wardrobe is kinda on my mind. 🙂 I think my doll may just be wearing the hat and is not really bishoppy. 🙂

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