A story about dolls and knitting

Blythe sweater top

If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that I started collecting dolls. Since discovering that it’s possible to get affordable Blythe dolls on AliExpress I’ve gotten slightly obsessed. The big heads and large eyes of Blythes are exactly what I like and after getting some Blythe girls I also developed an interest in Tangkou dolls. So now I have a big doll family!

Of course, when you have a doll collection they need awesome new outfits! I designed a knitted top and I’m really proud of it. In the first photo of this post you can see my dolls Puck and Bowie modelling their tops. I’ve written out the pattern and put it ravelry for free. Yes. Free! So if you want to make your own Blythe a wide necked fitted top you can, all you have to do is download the pattern and you can get started. I’d love to see what you make of it so please do share your work! This is the pattern page on ravelry. It’s the first time I’ve actually constructed a pattern. I’ve improvised my own designs before, but this time I made a thing, adjusted that thing, wrote it all out, made it again, took photos and put the pattern in a comprehensive layout. Then I asked my friend Cat to test it and she could easily follow the pattern. Look at me, being a real pattern designer and everything!

Blythe sweater top

Sometimes I am amazed at how much I’ve learned about knitting. How far I’ve come just by enjoying it as a hobby and learning as I go. I was taught the basic knit stitch as a child but other than that all my knowledge comes from youtube and ravelry. From the awesome online community of crafters who enthusiastically share their knowledge and techniques and are always willing to explain things for newbies. Making this pattern free is my little way of paying it forward. Adding my two cents to the community.

I really enjoyed making this design so I’m already thinking about what else I can make. Maybe someday I’ll design a beautiful doll dress like my Grandmother once made for my Barbie dolls. That would be amazing.