A Supernatural Anglerfish

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new issue of The Anglerfish out! This time it is full with all sorts of Supernatural things. It also contains an interview with the awesome Emily Graslie of The Brainscoop fame, something which I love. I think Emily is amazing and watching her videos make me excited about science and learning about the world.

But the illustrations I made this issue were not of Emily, but of Supernatural! This time I tackled the Supernatural Fandom article: The Moose, the Pie-Eater and the Angel, written by Melissa-Lynn Heineman. When I was working on them I teased the sketches I was doing on instagram, and this is how they changed into the final product.

First I made a drawing of Dean Winchester:

And then I scanned it and made it into a white drawing on a black background. (To match the title page I had already made digitally, you can see that in the issue on page 7.)

Dean sketch

Next up was Sam Winchester!

Sam sketch

Finally I put them in one illustration and this is how they appeared in the issue:

Sam and Dean

I like working on the design and the illustration simultaneously because I can match them exactly. So I can fit it so that the edge between Sam and Dean matches up with the fold of the pages. If I had started the illustration way before the design, I would not have been able to match it so perfectly. It’s how we get such a fun mix of different kind of pages in the magazine, some of us work with both the design and the illustration (go look at the awesome pages on Vampires, and Werewolves, and Ghosts, oh my! and The Myths of Saint Patrick, made by David Pantoja and Kat Taylor!) and some of us illustrate and then hand it over to a designer. I like working with awesome illustrations done by others too. 😀