So while I’ve been learning how to use photoshop on photo’s, I’ve also found some tutorials for coloring handdrawn and scanned images. So I figured I’d try it. 🙂 This little doodle was my second attempt, the first one is a larger image that can be found on my Elfwood account. (Which hasn’t been updated in many months, until yesterday. :)) Here’s a direct link to the image in question. Check it out and let me know what you think, and if you haven’t seen the other work on my Elfwoodshelf, take a look, and let me know what else you would like seeing in color. 😀



  • If we may do requests for colouring – I like the 'Dreaming Elf', I think that one could come out nice coloured. =)

  • When you first view an image in black and white, and then again after colouring, it often seems like the image has changed with the addition of colour. With this drawing I saw a differently shaped face with the colours at first view, compared to the black and white version. The eye expression I also saw differently now.

    Then I looked again at the black and white version, and I again saw the original picture I had in mind. When I then looked back at the coloured version, I discovered that nothing actually had changed, save for the colours. But with colours, certain minor details unnoticed in the black and white get more prominent, especially the shading in this drawing.

    Overall she indeed comes out very nice. Personally I would not have combined orange hair with a blue dress to avoid a big colour contrast, but in this picture the warm orange hair really comes out nice combined with cool background and cool dress colours. A red dress would have fired it all up, with the prominent orange hair I think you made a good job on choosing for cool colours for dress and background.

    And indeed, her expression is still dreamy. 😉

  • Btw, the Angel picture I like a lot in colour too. Very well done. =)

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