#commutedrawing and sharing my process

Sunday: I’ve been watching Grimm, so I’ve got beasties on my mind.

I debated with myself whether I should post this one. I don’t like it, it’s not good and making it didn’t add anything to my skills or my creative process. At least that’s how it feels. But even these drawings that make me feel like I’m mediocre and have nothing interesting to share, are a part of growing as an artist. And the whole point of my #commutedrawing project is just to enjoy messing about with pencil and paper.

I’ve been reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, and it’s making me think more actively about these things. Should I post a drawing that I don’t feel adds anything? Why would anyone want me to share it with them? Is the fact that it is a part of my commute drawings series enough or should it have something extra?

Contrast that with the other commute drawings I did this week (save monday, when I didn’t make one because I was lazy and staring out the window). While I started this project for the simple joy of drawing, some very interesting things are coming out of it! Like the imaginary polaroids.

Tuesday: Just keep swimming! An underwater polaroid.

I am really enjoying this format of drawing. It makes me think about photography in relation to other art forms, and I am approaching things like composition and focus differently when I start out on one of these. This is the kind of drawing that makes me feel like I learn something more with each one I make. These drawings are my process, and I am happy to share them. They’re not perfect, I still see things that I could have done better, but I feel like it’s going somewhere. And I am along for the ride.

Wednesday: Close-up selfie imaginary polaroid.

So far, for each imaginary polaroid, I’ve used watercolour pencils. They feel right, and it is interesting to see which colours I keep coming back to and to think about how I’m using colour. I want to try things. Like the vignetting that happens with instant photography, how close can I come to recreating that without it interfering with the shading that gives definition to the different shapes? Am I a good enough artist that I can combine these things without it becoming one big mess?

Thursday: Imaginary polaroid, watercolour pencils in my Moleskine sketchbook.

These drawings, in addition to giving me the joy of drawing, feel like they are the preliminary sketches of a larger art project. I want to keep doing this. I have an idea of making more of these and getting better at them and then making a final series that I scan and print on photo paper and put them in a little photo album. Drawings of photographs that don’t exist presented as photographs would be. That is where I see this ending up. And that is what I will try to develop while continuing my commute drawings series.

Does that first drawing of the week contribute anything to that? I don’t feel like it does. Is it still something I should keep sharing? It is definitely a part of what my commute drawing project is meant to be. Do you enjoy seeing those crappy drawings as well?

If you want to see these drawings every day as soon as I post them, you can follow me on Instagram. I also post selfies to document my hair adventures, and sometimes legos, books, and things I see when I am waiting for the train.


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