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I have recently acquired an iPad, and have been trying out different apps. The two drawing apps that I have bought are Paper by FiftyThree and Sketchbook Pro.
I was a little uncertain about Paper at first, but the interface is incredible and after buying the extra brushes (the basic app is free) I had much more fun with it. The images above are all made with Paper.

Sketchbook Pro I got to use as a more ‘professional’ art app, I want to make more complete paintings with it. It is a lot more complicated than Paper because there are a lot of options, so I haven’t got anything yet that I want to share. I still have a lot to learn about digital painting in general anyway, so who knows when I have something I like?


  • some great results there. I use Art Set which is OK, and greatly imporoved since I bought a drawing stylus rather than having to draw with my finger! Have you tried Art Set? I'm curious how it would compare. thanks 🙂

    • Thank you! I haven't tried Art Set yet, I'll look it up and maybe give it a go. I only used my finger on the first two of these pictures, after that I had gotten my sensu brush, which is a stylus and a brush.

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