Digital journalpage about an analog camera

I’m getting into lomography! I bought myself an Diana F+, I’ve filled one colour 120 film (16 shots) mostly at the Glen Hansard concert in Paradiso, and I currently have a 35mm black and white film in it. (I got the accessories that go with the camera like the 35mm back and several lenses as well.) I hope they turn out okay when I get them developed, but since it’s the first time I’m shooting film, they’re probably crappidy crap.

Digital journal about an analog camera


  • I'm literally waiting to get my first roll back! Got a Diana for my birthday last month, never shot film before. I haven't got high hopes but still really excited! Hope your roll turns out good 🙂

    • Awesome! I'll go to a fotolab tomorrow to see what they charge for developing and scanning and the like, hopefully I can get my first results soon. Hope yours are good too!

  • […] I like the photos because of the energy they show. The black and white 35mm film I talked about here is unfortunately missing. The photolab I’ve chosen for developing doesn’t do black and […]

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