Exciting new Anglerfish things are happening

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You might have noticed the newest issue of The Anglerfish already, but if you haven’t here is a link to it! It’s a lovely Harry Potter themed issue full of interesting articles with amazing illustrations. I feel we are improving with every issue and that is including my own work. The illustration above is one of two I made for an article about Harry Potter fan culture. It is the first time that my illustrations are fully digital.

One other awesome thing is that starting with this issue you can order a physical copy of The Anglerfish! The digital copy will still be entirely free so everyone can read it, but if you like to have a pretty print version and you’re willing to pay for it you can get it on our MagCloud page!

We also have a spiffy new website to function as a hub for all things Anglerfish. It’s still a work in progress but it’s a nice place to keep up with the extra tumblr articles for instance. There is also a nice introduction of the staff, so everyone can see who we are.

And last but not least The Anglerfish is on Redbubble! Because there are all these illustrators making awesome art we figured there might be some people who would like that art on stuff like their wall or iphone case. It’s also a way for our readers to support us if they would like to! An other way to do so is to become our patron on Patreon. Patreon is a new way for people to support online content creators, it’s similar to Kickstarter but suitable for people who make a lot of little things instead of one big thing. (Like our recurring magazine.) If you like our magazine go check it out!