Fourteen days of drawing every day

Succes! My second week of drawing every day is complete without missing a day. While I am not always entirely happy with the results, since most are quick sketches of trying new things, I am happy that I kept up with posting them to instagram. Here’s day eight to fourteen of my #draweveryday sketches:

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Actual outerwear for #dayten of my #draweveryday sketch.

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Right now I’m trying to just keep doing it and move through the book on fashion illustration. I know they are not very fancy drawings and are basicly the minimum I could do each day. But I’m doing them. Getting more of a rhythm drawing more often is a good thing, even if I tend to make these at the last possible minute right before I turn in at night. I should probably work on starting them earlier in the day/evening, just so that when I am done with the month and don’t have to do them I am still used to drawing at a more manageable moment in the day. But the main thing is to keep doing them and make it a full month. 🙂

The drawings of the first week are in this post.


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