Illustrating a Dungeons and Dragons adventure

Because of my back problems I did not contribute as much to the latest issue of The Anglerfish as I normally do. I couldn’t sit at a computer for long stretches of time, coupled with my fulltime job I didn’t manage to work on The Anglerfish. Thankfully my fellow graphics team members stepped up to and took over my work and I could focus on getting better and managing my ski trip. They’re awesome people.

I did get to do one thing before my back went bad, make this map. (Click on it to see it larger.)

Adventure Map

It is the illustration to go with the Beginning your Quest: What is a Campaign article, a follow up to the articles about Dungeons and Dragons in the second issue. We nerds like playing DnD, and introducing new people to the game is always fun. I’m happy that I got to work on this illustration, because it was my idea and I want to learn how to illustrate more. It was a good exercise in making something from scratch in Photoshop, which I normally mostly use for photo editing. I also enjoyed making the textures I used here, by crumpling up a piece of paper and spilling tea and inks on it. Drawing the geographical elements and the footprints was not as easy as I’d hoped since I am not used to drawing with my wacom tablet yet. (One of the reasons I like drawing on my ipad is because I can draw directly on the screen). But I think I will use it as a drawing tool more often in the future.

I hope you like the map as much as I do, and if you haven’t checked out the third issue of The Anglerfish, Read it here.


  • Wow! That's a very nice looking map – how cool that you can make such things! I had the coolest wacom table once – the cintiq model – and this post really made me miss it :-p I look forward to seeing your future creations!

    • Thanks! Man, I would love to try using a cintiq, they seem to be entirely awesome. But so, so, so incredibly expensive…

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