In which Eefje comes back from disappearing

So yeah. I was all super active and posting three times a week and then suddenly I stopped. I stopped making and sharing commute drawings. I stopped posting here even though I did have things to share. But I guess I just needed some time for myself, and switching sketchbooks had a much bigger effect than I imagined.

Because I really didn’t like the new sketchbook I got. And it made me sad and not want to draw. I tried it for a couple of drawings, but I was just getting too frustrated with the paper. And for a while I didn’t have time to look for a new sketchbook with different paper so I just… stagnated.

April 14: First commute drawing in my new sketchbook, I definitely have to get used to the paper! I’m not sure I’m happy with it…

April 16: Todays drawing is not an imaginary polaroid. I wanted to try something on a larger scale to see how I like the paper then. Still not a fan. As you can see I’ve been playing Animal Crossing again on my Nintendo 3DS. Yesterday I didn’t do a commute drawing because I was really tired. Sleep is important!

April 17: I figured I’d try an exercise in just watercolour pencils for todays #commutedrawing. Maybe I like the paper better if I don’t use graphite? I don’t, the paper can’t take the water and starts dissolving a bit. 🙁 It was not at all like this when I got to test it in the store…

The paper really wasn’t what I need from a sketchbook, I couldn’t work in detail with my graphite pencil and it did not respond well to the water (of which I don’t even use all that much). I hated it. And before I knew it three weeks passed and I lost all drive to keep drawing and to keep posting here. Which is a shame, because I do have photos to share and other stories to tell.

But now I’m getting back on track!

Yesterday, I went to Rotterdam to hang out with my friend Kenny (who is a cartoonist) and he took me to his favourite art supplies store and I got a shit ton of different sketchbooks, some expensive, some cheap. They have all sorts of different papers so I can see what I like for which kind of drawings.

So far I’ve only used the one with the brown cover, which has smooth but not very thick paper. I also got a pretty expensive one which is treated for use with markers (thick paper that won’t bleed) and an other one which I think will be great with water colour pencils. Also a couple of ones that don’t have a lot of pages, to see if I like something lighter that is easier with travelling and won’t take me long to fill up.

Then we visited the Zoo Blijdorp! We mostly walked about just looking at the animals (there was a super tiny Hyena puppy that was really cute). And the best hairdo of the zoo belonged to the Emo pig who didn’t want to share his pumpkin.

Eventually we did sit down with the Flamingos to do some drawing.

I drew some flamingos in one of the sketchbooks. The paper is very smooth so nice for markers, but a little thin and it does bleed through to the next page. It’s a cheap sketchbook though, and I just ripped out the bled on page and will use that to catch the bleeding by putting it behind the page when I’m working in it. The brand is clairefontaine.

I also tried water soluble graphite. Some otters. Not from a live example, because I was still sitting with the flamingos, so a bit more cartoony drawings. It worked okay, the paper is a bit thin but it took the water better then I expected.

I still have the other sketchbooks to try out and I’m getting excited again to do so. Tomorrow I think I’ll take the daler rowney with me (the one I think will be good for water colour pencils) to start a commute drawing in. I’m back baby!