Journal pages

I finally got around to scanning some of my sketchbook pages, regular old skool drawing and painting. 🙂


These pages I feel are kind of mediocre, but I like what they represent. On the left we have something a friend of mine said while playing dnd (My dice are making me look ridiculous!) and we joked about how that should be a t-shirt.
On the right a made up person just because I felt like drawing something.


On the left I glued in a card that came with my Chandler the Robot order (awesome necklaces!)
And on the right is a marker drawing inspired by the candles in Taizé, where I was when I drew it.


Just a girl with really long red hair. I wanted to play around with shapes on the page a bit.

Bird and bald

These scanned a little crooked, but I can’t be bothered to do it again.
On the left we have a bird on a pole! I drew this while in Taizé, when going on a walk there were a lot of bird so that’s why I drew one.
On the right page is my first attempt at using Derwents watersoluble sketchpencil. I posted it as an Instagram photo before, but that was just a quick pic taken with my 3g iphone, so here it is a lot clearer.


I’m pretty proud of this one, I just wanted to make something using the two new watercolour pencils that I’d gotten, but I like it a lot more that as just a practice piece. It’s scanned a little crooked too, but that’s okay.