Journal pages

I filled up my Moleskine and moved on to a new one, this time a sketchbook one (I prefer the thicker pages to the blank notebook paper). I scanned some of the pages I did to share:

Bike and Lego

On the left page I wanted to draw a girl who’s really happy (a lot of my girls come out looking a bit sleepy/sad), and her on the bike is inspired by this video by Suzi Blu about her stamp ‘wheels of freedom’. I wanted to make my own version. 🙂
On the right is me wondering what Lego-me would look like. The background is so spotty because aquamarkers don’t really work on the Moleskine sketchbookpaper, it get absorbed too fast so that adding water only makes it weird. You learn things about how materials work together every time you try something new. I used regular pro and copic markers for the lego girl, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Too Many Feels

On the left I pasted the result of practicing with aquamarkers on watercolourpaper (excellent, loved it!) and on the right a mixed media page about feeling emotionally drained. We all get those moments and for me making this page really helped me recharge. I’m quite happy with the result (yay for layering!).


In on of the failed moleskine exchange groups I was in (still sad it failed) one girl had a circus theme for her moly. I never got hers in the mail so I never drew in it, but the idea I had for her book never went away. So I drew him in my own Moleskine, the Magnificent Mustache Man.

Ginger and Blue

I finally got some prismacolor pencils! Yay yay yay!
Suzi Blu swears by them, but it’s hard to get them in this part of the world.
A friend linked me a Dutch store that carries some after I was complaining about not being allowed to buy them from Amazon UK (wtf Amazon UK?).
This page is the result of trying them out, combined with my derwent coloursoft pencils, because I got the standard 12 pencil box from prismacolor and I needed more colors.

The only other option the store had was the 100 euro big set that was too expensive for not knowing if I liked them yet. I do like them, I feel the waxiness that Suzi talks about in her video’s. Man, I would love to get the portrait colors set that Amazon UK had. So many different skin colors! (*shakes fist* damn you Amazon UK and your not being allowed to sell prismacolor pencils to Dutch people!)


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