Journaling about faces and hats



Two pages from my paper by 53 app on my iPad. In a way the limitations of the drawing possibilities (no zoom, no choice in brush widths) give a nice challenge to produce quick sketches and not to not overthink things. But I am generally much better at drawing faces than this attempt. I still have to learn to work within the limits set by the app.

I was more anoyed with the lack of import options, I want to be able to pull an image into a page. The app specificly mimics a sketch and notebook environment that is easy to use on the go for quick work. What makes the creators think that people who want to use it as such don’t want the possibility to make a collage to draw on? It’s a specially irritating considering there is an option to use an image as the cover when generating a new book. Why have one kind of import option but not the other?

I would have loved to have pasted the image of the hat that was the inspiration for that page on the page and make it a more dynamic lay-out with the dawing, picure and writing.