Lately I’ve been trying to make ‘real’ journal pages instead of just drawings (of mostly girl-heads) in my Moleskine. Inspired by how AnnaDenise describes her process in her three Art Journal 101 posts I visually try to describe (pieces of) my life. I’m still a little shaky on what subject to pick and how to show them, which is why I don’t make one per day like she does, but just according to the subject I’m thinking about.
I try my best not to emulate her too much, I want to make pages that are wholly my own. So far, it’s just really fun. 🙂
I want to keep it up, to keep challenging myself and stimulate my ‘art-muscles’ (my real muscles need stimulation too, which is a more difficult project for a lazy person like me).

Knit & Crochet

criminal minds

Deciding on colours


  • what defines 'real' pages?
    Do what YOU want to do!!
    We often feel we ought to do something . . I live in beautiful countryside and often feel I ought to try drawing landscapes…. but I don't even like looking at 'landscapes' – – rolling hills on paper don't convey anything to me . . so now I fight the 'ought' in me . . .

    • You're absolutely correct! A journal is what you make of it, it's not about 'ought' it's about 'want'. And right now, I really want to tell stories about my life in this form. 🙂
      Keep fighting the 'ought' and do your own thing.

      It's kind of blowing my mind that you left a comment on my blog when I was reading about you yesterday on I love the internet!

  • You live in Amsterdam, yes? . . . my luggage spent a day or so there only the other weekend . . . . I'd hoped it would prefer to travel with me to Manchester…. but it can be very stubbornly independent at times . . .

    My only link with Amsterdam is who published a miniature book of mine.

    • I live in Utrecht, in the middle of the Netherlands, but I commute to Amsterdam for work five times a week. 🙂
      Always a problem, luggage with a sense of adventure, hope you got it back safely!

      Matchboox are amazing, such an awesome project.

      • It was great project to do- they contacted me after they'd seen my work in Zuiderlucht, an arts newspaper published in Maastricht. It was so pleased!!

        PS I've signed up for the RSS feed from your site- then realised I'd also signed for an e-mail notificatioion so I've cancelled that one and left the RRSfeed – -in case you're confused( I clearly am…..) 🙂

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