Longing for summer days

I’m sad a lot this week, and I bought some new copic markers to cheer myself up. I selected these colours to complement the ones I already got.

Got myself some new colours yesterday. They should be a nice addition to the ones I already had.

I used them to make a page in my sketchbook about longing for those lovely warm days when I don’t have to do or think about anything but lie in the park enjoying the sun. I am just so done with the coldness and the snow.
I’ll scan it properly later, here’s a quick picture.

A page in my Moleskine sketchbook made with my new (and old) copic markers.

I’m still getting the hang of using copic markers in all the ways they can be used. When I see all the beautiful things other people can accomplish with them I know there is so much more potential that I have yet to unlock.