I love the word murmur. It’s soft, feels like the sound it describes and it’s repetition makes it look cute.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

You’ve probably already seen this video somewhere else. I myself saw it on Swiss Miss first. I find it incredibly inspiring and I’ve watched it multiple times. I wanted to reflect it in my art journal, and this is the result:


Of course, I don’t actually know what starlings look like up close so I just followed my pencil where it took me, including apparently something resembling a puffin.

Trying out my new mechanical pencil and my new water brush (over water colour pencils).


  • What sort of water brushes are you using? I used the Pentel Aquash for a while- but I found the medium a bit hard- thogh the Pentel Colour Brushes are fantastic. I've been using an Oriental water Brush from Blue Heron Arts it's a synthetic & wild boar mix apparently… wild? he was furious . . . but I was delighted. Big soft brush….he murmured

    • I've got a Pentel, it was the only kind my local art store had and I just really wanted to try it out. I love that I don't have to go looking for water or a container to hold it if I'm on the go. I haven't done anything complicated with it yet, so I as of yet have an opinion on the hardness of the brush, other than I haven't noticed it to be unpleasant.

      And now I'm imagining and Indiana Jones type guy who's job is to harvest wild boar hairs for painbrushes. 🙂

      • I may be a Jones but not the Indiana-type.

        re I don’t have to go looking for water
        I've found it quite amusing the idea that I have drawn a statue in Florence with water from a nearby fountain. And a riverside scene in Treviso with water for the river . . . .

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