So I’ve suddenly decided I  want to get into painting again. That happens to me one in a while. I hope I stick with it now, so I can practice and practice and actually improve. My first try isn’t how I imagined it (I doubt I’ll ever get to that level of detail) but it’s a pretty good first try. I might go back to it and try to improve the bunny, because I don’t think it’s golden enough yet. (Mostly yellow with goldpaint mixed, but when the light shines on it, you see the golden glitter, but the bunny is mostly yellow, so that has to change.
Anyway, here’s a photograph of it. The Golden Bunny Who Lives in the Dark Woods (some of the details were lost in photographing though).
Acrylics on canvas.

Any idea how difficult it is to shade the bunny when he’s the damn light source? Why do I come up with these idea’s… I’ll probably try to improve this one (when I’m really done I’ll put my initials on it, haven’t even done that yet) and after that I’ll keep making versions of it untill I tire.


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