It has been a while since I took out my sketchbook. I have never been very good at taking it out regularly, generally I tend to work in it a lot for a while and then have a period of ignoring it. When I did the draw every day challenge I really enjoyed using my hands like that every day even though it wasn’t always easy. Sometimes I forget how happy messing about with art supplies actually makes me.

It’s not that I haven’t been creative, I’ve done and made a lot of things. (Like the awesome summer issue of The Anglerfish, which is out now so go read it!) But there is a specific joy in working in my sketchbook. So when I took it out again and remembered that joy I deciced I should start a ‘do something in my sketchbook at least once a week’ challenge.

Added watercolours to an earlier sketch (part of my draw every day challenge) and did a collage/art journal page next to it with paper and stickers and stamps and watercolours.

As an added bonus thinking about these things made me take out my iPad for art purposes again (instead of just instragramming and tumblring) and for the first time in ages I opened Paper and Sketchbook Pro. I love both apps. Sketchbook Pro is like photoshop, everything is possible! Paper is more restrictive but in a way that I like. This was made in Paper.

Bouquet girl
Surprisingly it was easier for me to approximate Katie Rodgers’ style digitally than when I get out actual watercolours like Katie does. (You can check out Katies work on her website: Paperfashion) and see why I find her inspiring. 🙂