Just like last year and many times before that I spend a week at Taizé. It is always special and lovely although sometimes emotionally heavy, but this year was really amazing for me. In Taizé you get together with other people in a small group for sharing and discussions, and the things you talk about differ with each year (because you are sharing with different people). My group last week has made such an enormous impression on me, I feel like I’ve made connections that will last me a lifetime. We’ve all been able to be really honest about ourselves and our lives, we’ve cried and laughed together.  Of course I also had good interactions with other people in Taizé, and I enjoyed sitting in the church and being so peaceful, but to me, the sharing group is the highlight of this Taizé-trip.

My girls

And now lots of other photos and journal pages from my Taizé-week below the fold!

On the ground

Thomas on the bench Stained Glass
Piece of church Sea-monster Cat


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