The Anglerfish #12, all about Nintendo

It's all in the hands

My illustration for the 12th issue of The Anglerfish! Go check it out, it’s a fun issue full of all things Nintendo.

This illustrations goes with the article It’s All in the Hands, the top four reasons why Nintendo should concentrate on handhelds. Pictured is how I hold my own Nintendo 3ds when I’m playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. 🙂 It was a nice exercise in drawing hands, and in making my digital drawing look a little watercoloury. I’m still getting to know all the ways in which I can use the photoshop brushes, and how to paint with them. I am going to try more digital painting like this, just like I love the watercolour brush in Paper on my iPad I like it when I can get Photoshop brushes to behave similarly. Onward to more digital illustrating!