The Anglerfish is a year old!

At the end of December the eleventh issue of The Anglerfish came out, and skipping one month in summer we managed to come out with a pretty awesome issue each month. We’re all currently busy with the new issue that will come out at the end of january, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we accomplished in the last year. I’ve been a part of The Anglerfish since the first issue, and for a project we all do in our spare time while we’re busy with our lives and work and studies, I think it’s amazing that we’ve kept up with it.

I love working for The Anglerfish. Yes, sometimes I don’t feel like taking time out of my weekend days to work when I already work fulltime the rest of the week, but I always love actually doing the lay out and making the illustrations. I love that I get to try new things and push myself.

This issues theme is all things Disney, so go have a look! You’ll notice this illustration in the Art and Literature section in the back, which is for submitted works made by our readers:

Tiny and Jack

What if the Nightmare Before Christmas and A Muppet Christmas Carrol suddenly took place in the same universe? We would get Santa Jack Skellington trying to cheer up Muppet Tiny Tim with a possibly terribly scary present!

I originally made this to accompany a movie club article, which is a series that we have, but due to some problems there was no article to publish so my illustration was left in limbo. We decided (well, I decided, since I always do that section) to put it in the Art and Literature section so it wouldn’t go to waste. I keep improving with every new thing I try illustration wise, and I think this is a good one, both in work (though there are always things that could be better) and in concept and lay out. I originally planned to have the text run around the colour edges, so as to emphasize the round snowgloby background.