This weeks commute drawings

Sunday: I didn’t draw on Sunday because the train was really full and I didn’t have a good seat. It was the day that everybody who had the gift book from book week could use it to travel for free, so I think a lot of people took advantage of that to go to Amsterdam for a day.

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A ballerina for todays #commutedrawing. Dancing is fun!

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Monday: A ballerina! Because dancing is fun. And tutus are too. pencil and a little bit of colourpencil. (It was one of my water colour pencils, but I didn’t add water.)

Tuesday: An imaginary polaroid of a shirt on a wall. Drawn and then instagrammed! INCEPTION. Pencil, watercolour pencils and a water brush. I really like this one, felt all zen while making it.

Wednesday: You get a goblin lady. I was coming from a different location and had a longer train journey so I spend a bit more time on it. I came from Breda, in the south of the Netherlands, because I went to see my nieces dance class. She’s three, so it was adorable. Pencil, water colour pencils and a water brush.

Thursday: I felt a little uninspired so it’s a pretty generic tree and hills. But again as a polaroid, which is something I really like and will keep doing. There were two ladies who came and sat across from me who were impressed enough with it that they talked to me about drawing in the train. They really liked my plan of drawing while travelling and I showed them some earlier drawings. It was nice that they responded so well, but that of all the drawings they got impressed by this one made me think they don’t get to spend a lot of time around art. 🙂
They did really get why it’s so fun to do these, that flipping back through my sketchbook is seeing how I felt when I made these drawings. And how calming it is to just colour things, which they remembered from colouring with their kids. I hadn’t planned on interacting with anyone while doing these commute drawings, but it was fun to talk to these ladies about it.


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