30 things to do before I’m 30

I turned 29 in the beginning of July, and now I am approaching the big 30. I don’t want to be the kind of person who will be bothered by no longer being a 20-something, as if 30 is somehow waaaaay older. But I find that I do care. So when I saw that Kathleen is working on a 30 before 30 goals list, it made me feel like that is an excellent way to mark the occasion in a positive way. There are a lot of things I want to do! And some things I need to do. And also some that will be fun and easy. All in all, putting a list together like this and pushing myself seems like a good way to give myself some focus and hopefully, a sense of accomplishment.

So here is my 30 before 30 list!

1. Learn one of my favorite poems by heart
This is the first of a couple of goals that I salvaged from my old Day Zero list. I still want to do this sometime. I also know which poem, one by Ingmar Heytze. But I’ve never actually done it. So now I’m going to do it this year. 🙂

2. Have a spa day
I like saunas and swimming and I want to take better care of my body. So I want to spend a day at a spa, maybe get a mud-bath and a massage. I believe that are the kind of things you can do at a spa, and I want to do them.

3. Teach someone something new
Really invest in sharing knowledge and skill. Maybe teach someone who’s never knitted or crocheted before the basics of how to start. I enjoy learning new things myself, and I want to pay it forward. I want to challenge myself to look at something I already know how to do and imagine how that would communicate the best to someone who thinks differently from me and does not know that thing yet.

4. Visit the beach (on a rainy day)
I’ve been to the beach last Christmas, but the weather was really warm and nice for that time of year. I’ve been to the beach this summer. But it has been years since I’ve been to the beach on an overcast, rainy and windy day. And I want to, because I’ll think it’ll make me really happy. Also I’d get bonus points if I can bring a friend who has a dog. Because dogs.

5. Organize a nerdfighter craft gathering at my place
I like Nerdfighter gathering, and I want to go to some smaller ones once in a while. The best way to accomplish that is to start organizing them myself! I also want to start sharing the process of crafting, like knitting, more with people. And as an added bonus I want to push myself to keep my living space better organised, so that I feel comfortable to have people over and be someone that people enjoy visiting. I might also be able to combine this all with goal number 3.

6. Become a blood donor again
Years ago I used to donate blood, but I stopped because the bloodbank moved and I went on a trip to Turkey, after which I would not be allowed to donate for a while anyway. But this is a very long time ago, and I am of course perfectly capable to donating again. So this year I will go get started again.

7. Vaccuum my entire apartment
I hate vacuuming. And whenever I do it I only do the parts that are easy to reach. The result of which is that I keep finding little clumps of my own hairs in various colours on all the things that sometimes live on my floor. I am my own very long haired (and odly coloured) cat. So I want to do a good cleaning of all the floors. Because I don’t enjoy vacuuming, but I’ll definitely enjoy a good clean floor.

8. Knit myself a top
I’ve already started this, and it’s going well. I really hope I’ll enjoy wearing the end result!

9. Knit myself a sweater
I’ve got the pattern and I’ve got the yarn, so this is my next knitting project after I finish the top.

10. Get rid of 30 things, clothing swap counts as ‘one’
I have too much stuff. I am a pack-rat, and while I will never become a minimalist, I can improve myself by getting rid of stuff I don’t need and that’s just in the way. I’m having a clothing-swap at my place this weekend, and I’m getting rid of a lot of clothes, over 30 pieces I think. But since I will probably also get new stuff from what the other ladies will bring, a clothing swap only counts as one thing. And five books count as one thing too. So that I don’t get to 30 really quickly and stop getting rid of things. 🙂

11. Make a series of paintings that tell a story
I have canvasses. I have paint. I have an easel. But I haven’t used them in forever. All of my art has been small in my sketchbook and digital for the Angerlfish. And I want to start thinking more in a series of images. There have to be at least three.

12. Finish a whole html/css tutorial
Remember when I posted about starting on learning how to make my own website at my own domain? Yeah, I haven’t gotten very far. At all. So this is to give myself a kick in the right direction. I have gotten some links to free tutorials from a friend, so I want to start there.

13. Finish a second whole html/css tutorial

14. Have an appointment to see what type of morgage I could conceivably get
I want to move to a better apartment. I’ve been living in the same place for years now, and it’s time for something new. The most practial for me would be to look at buying a place, and for that I need to figure out exactly what my budget is. Buying a home is scary. So I want to start with little steps that I can manage in my head.

15. Visit 5 potential apartments that are for sale
A followup to the previous goal to kickstart me into seriously checking out possible homes.

16. Go get my nails done with my sisters
It’s bonding time! And I’ve never been to get my nails done, so I want to try it.

17. Go on a city trip (2 to 4 days) to a city I haven’t been yet
I like travel and should do more of it.

18. Make one thing from the craft books I own but haven’t made aything from yet
I have a couple that I haven’t made anything from yet, though it’s not a lot. I stole this goal from Kathleen.

19. Make 10 vlogs
I have some things filmed that I never got around to editing, and I want to do more vlogs that are a bit spur of the moment, to increase my ease with talking to a camera. So I have to make ten! This will be about one a month if I can manage to space them out.

20. Find out where in Utrecht (or in Amsterdam if Utrecht hasn’t got a good place) I can drink bubble tea and try all the different flavours
An other goal I copied from Kathleen’s list. I want to add a couple of simple goals to balance out the big ones. 🙂 I’ve had bubble tea once in The Hague with my friend Cindy, and I liked it but the taste was not so special to me that I enjoyed the entire cup. But I know they had a lot of different flavours, so I want to try them. First I have to find a similar place in Utrecht (or barring that, Amsterdam) so if anyone has a suggestion, let me know!

21. Cook a dinner with recipes I’ve never used before
I don’t cook often, and when I do I tend to make something I’ve made before. So this is a little challenge to use my recipe books a bit more.

22. Make 5 scripts for a picture book
At some point in the future, I want to write and paint a picture book. So to get in the habit of how to make one, I need to start generating ideas, some sketches, come up with possible story lines and main characters. To get me started, I want to try my hand at scripting five different ideas.

23. Change the look of my practice blog to the best of my ability
After completing two html/css tutorials I should be able to start messing about with my future blog look.

24. Learn two new types of braids and succesfully do them in my own hair
I like braiding my hair and I am pretty good at it, but I want to branch out so I get a larger arsenal of braided hairstyles that I can switch around.

25. Drive in a car again (I have my licence, but it’s been years)
I haven’t driven a car in years. And I should start again.

26. Watch all of Farscape
Okay, this is an easy one. I am currently watching the series and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. But since I am starting this almost three months after my birthday I felt I could include a goal that I’ve actually been doing in that time. 😛 Farscape has 4 seasons and a movie I believe, and I’m about halfway through the fourth season, so I feel safe to say I’ll complete this goal.

27. Organize all my art supplies and make something with the stuff I haven’t used in ages/never used at all
I collect a lot of art supplies, stamps, tape, paints, all the things. Because I get excited and buy stuff! So this is to make me actually use all these things. 🙂

28. Go running regularly
I’ve started running with the Zombies, Run! app, and I am loving it even though as a beginner I am very bad at it. This is just a little extra motivation to keep going. 🙂

29. DIY a piece of furniture for my home
Buy a second hand chair, paint it a cool pastelly colour, something like that. Maybe repurpose or replace a thing that is in my house currently. I want to put my creativity in my home to make it more my own.

30. Go dancing 5 times
I love dancing. I should do it more often.

So that is all the things on my list! I think all of these together are pretty ambitious, so we’ll see how I’ll do. Once in a while I’ll do a roundup post to show my progress. And in the meantime I’ve also put this list on my Day Zero so it’ll be easy to mark which goals I’ve accomplished.


  • Good for you for setting yourself fun and manageable goals! By the way, the part about you being your own very-long-haired, oddly-colored cat cracked me up.

    • Thanks! I'm glad I made at least one person laugh with that joke. 😀

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