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It is one of the reasons I like the Stripes ‘n’ Buttons blog (an other reason is because Zoe is my friend). On the first of September she posted her September wish-list, and number one on that list: Melrose Chiffon lace pumps. And I loved them too! Unfortunately they were already out of stock. So we mourned their loss to us.
But look! Later that day I found out that they also existed in an other colour (blush instead of light grey), and that they were almost out of stock too, except for only one size, MINE. I considered that a sign (which is easy if you want to buy new shoes). So I ordered them, and afterwards they were entirely out of stock. So I like to think I got the last pair. They arrived this morning:


It feels weird to call them pumps as they are very, very flat. In fact, there is a sticker on the bottom that reads: “These shoes are traditional ballet construction, therefore will not withstand extended outdoor wear.” So I have to be careful with them.
I am very happy with my new shoes, now let’s all hope they go back in stock so Zoe’s September fairy godmother can get her a pair too.

And now I’m going to listen to songs that are about shoes.
Katie Melua ~ Blue Shoes, She & Him ~ Brand New Shoes, Arctic Monkeys ~ Dancing Shoes

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  • Oh!!!!! They look lovely roomie!
    So glad you got a chance to buy them before they go out of stock and they look absolutely amazing on you!
    Miss u lots!

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