Book Talk – The Ocean at the End of the Lane (and my childhood memories)

A vlog about Neil Gaimans The Ocean at the End of the Lane and stories about my childhood.

There are spoilers for the book in this video, so stop watching when I warn you about them if you don’t want to get spoiled and/or get really confused about what I’m referencing.

WARNING: contains emotions. (In the spoilery part.)

Let me know what you thought about this book and how it made you feel! And also what you thought about my video. 🙂


  • Funny, I was thinking about Jelmer, one of my best friends who died in a car accident, ten years ago. Had the same feelings about that part in the book. Really stroke a chord there….

    Weeks after finishing the book though, I don't think it's Neil Gaiman's magnus opus. The Ocean At The End Of The Lane is well written and a nice story, but lings very much on the nostalgia of childhood. It lacks the crazy characters and situations from Coraline. It doesn't have the scope of Anansi Boys or American Gods. It's not as funny or crazy as Good Omens.

    Maybe I got spoiled by Neil Gaiman over the years, but the book left me hungry still, after finishing it.

    • Oh my favorite Neil Gaiman book is still American Gods with special mention of The Graveyard Book and Good Omens. They can't all be the best. 🙂

      But I love the emotional honesty in The Ocean at the End of the Lane. And I think it's a good book without having to be the best one. Also the fact that it is selling like crazy is an indication that it is a little more accessible for people for who his other books might be too strange to pick up.

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