Christmas dinner

Christmas is a time I love spending with my family. I realise that I am lucky because a lot of people actually dread spending Christmas with family, a specially when they’re adults and single. I think that one of the reasons I enjoy Christmastime is because nobody asks me if I’ve got a boyfriend yet or if I’ve moved to an actual house or the like. I talk to my direct family during the year so most of them know the status on those things. And more importantly, they don’t care. Nobody ever makes me feel like my life is incomplete and I’m doing something wrong because it is not the same as theirs. We talk about all subjects. And my parents really make the most wonderful Christmas dinners. Five well though out courses that everybody enjoys eating, including the kids (because there are enough different things that there is always something they like).

I took out my pentax dslr again to make some photos. I haven’t been using it a lot because something is wrong with the viewfinder, it is permanently blurry so I can’t manually focus. Always having to use the autofocus can be frustrating. But I took it out because I don’t want to forget how to use it and to try using my flash again. I still suck at using a flash. I had so many dark images where it just refused to go off and I don’t know why. 🙂 So in the end, the best one were the photos where I opened the aperture super wide and hoped the autofocus would grab the point I wanted it to. Unfortunately I am not very steady, so using a slow shutter speed without a tripod isn’t really doable.

A self portrait showing what I look like all dressed up for Chirstmas, since I would be behind the camera for the rest of the evening (some of my family members also took some photos, I might be in those).
Dressed up



Niece Nephew

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