Everyone dresses up at Elfia


Last week I went to Elfia (formerly known as the Elf Fantasy Fair). It takes places over a weekend every year at the grounds of Castle De Haar in Haarzuilens. Since I used to live quite close to it, and still live within biking distance I have always wanted to visit the fair, but I used to learn too late about it every time. But not this year! This time I knew when it would be and got tickets in advance for me and two friends. It was definitely fun! There are a lot of things going on, lectures, shops, music, storytelling, displays and actors. And almost everybody goes dressed up, some people put a lot of work into it. Beautiful steampunk costumes and large period dresses and pirates and Doctor Who’s. (I went as an almagation of the last three doctors, bowtie and suspenders for Eleven, pinstriped trousers and light allstars for Ten and a leather jacket for Nine. I also carried two sonic screwdrivers.)

I didn’t take as many photos as I had expected to, there were so many people carrying cameras and many people taking professional portraits of the costumed people that I felt a little redundant. I’m sure that if you google Elfia you’ll get many more beautiful photos to see.

Pirate Steampunk

Wood man

Wool workers

Abe the story teller

Link Anne

See more of my Elfia photos on my Flickr account.