Falling Slowly video

It took me a long time to upload this video, I always have to convert the files from my camcorder in handbrake to a format my imovie can handle, but this one was just to heavy to import apparently. So I just gave up on any kind of editing and uploaded it like it is, in all it’s stupid drunkenness.

We got really drunk, and made stupid jokes and not very good music. (Normally Thomas and Ben are much better.) It was awesome, we should visit Ben in Paris more often. 🙂 I am terrible at recording video, as seen from me taping Thomas’s trousers while searching for my beer. All the comments on the percentage of smiles are in reference to my camcorders smile-o-meter.

I present to you: Thomas (Dutch) + Ben (French) + Bear (Stuffed) playing Falling Slowly (among other things). I think that Thomas is secretly a Nerdfighter, what with the putting of things on his head. (Susan had already gone to bed like the smart person she is and slept through all our ruckus.)