Family weekend

We have a new tradition in my family, once a year we all go away for a weekend together. My parents, brothers and sisters (and their partners) and my nephews and niece all pile into one big vacation home and spend a couple of days together. Eleven adults and three small kids makes for a lot of noise and excitement, and it is wonderful. It’s not the kind of weekend you come back from well rested, but we did a couple of really awesome things together and I love it when we’re all at one big table eating good food.

I feel truly blessed that I have a family like that, people that will always make me feel at home, no matter where we are. Sometimes I don’t realise that not everyone has that feeling with their family. So it is important for me to recognize how lucky I am with them, because it is not a matter of course for everyone.

I went swimming with my brother, his wife and their two sons and it was so much fun. We all love swimming and sharing that was awesome. We also visited the original Hertog Jan brewery with the entire family. The kids were very sweet during the tour, wich was great because to a four year old people talking about how beer is made is not interesting at all. The second day we visited the WOII museum in Overloon, which had a big manifestation with a gun demonstration and a mock battle. It was very interesting (though I am not at all a gun-fan) and the kids loved it.

I mostly took photos with my Olympus Trip so I have to get the rolls developed/finish shooting them before I can show anything. (We’re all pooling our pictures together to make an album as a thank you gift for our parents.) But here are a few instagram photos I shared during the weekend.

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Enjoying the fact that it's not raining!

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When I arrived I waited at the train station for my dad to come and get me.

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Sun and grownup lemonade, this is the life.

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‘Grown-up lemonade’

Hertog Jan beer.