My friends Thomas (with the guitar, Dutch) and Ben (with the flute, French) jamming, playing a cover of HeyDay by Mic Christopher. We’re a little bit drunk, so don’t mind occasional mess ups, we’re just having fun. (See my camera-work, panning from Thomas to Ben and back again until I got lazy and just stayed on Ben.)
I think the ‘wow’ at the end is our friend Susan, because I don’t remember having said it.

This video is one of several shot with my camcorder during our Taizé-trip. Last year the four of us went to Taizé together, this year Ben couldn’t come but we got to visit him on our trip and stay at his house for one night. So naturally, we got druk together, played pool badly and made silly music and video’s.


  • […] this hat. He wears it everywhere, and you can see it on our French friend Ben’s head in the HeyDay video. Ben insists that he looks better in the hat than Thomas does but Thomas refuses to give it away. […]

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