Home again

Well, I’m back.
It’s a bit weird, mostly because even though it’s a great feeling to be home again, I really miss Paris and all the cool people I’ve met there. I’m also really tired.
Another weird thing: everybody is speaking Dutch! I’m so used to hearing mostly French around me, and speaking English all the time myself, that it sounds weird to hear Dutch. I keep using English words in conversations, my brain is having a hard time readjusting.
When I got off the plane yesterday, the world seemed so somber, because of the usual cold, rainy Dutch weather (I am officially no longer a fan). I wanted the nice Parisian weather back! The sun, the occasional rain and then sun again! Off course it’s going to be better. While I was away the weather has been quite nice in The Netherlands as well. But you know: “Geez, nice welcome!”
OK, whining done.
Now I’m going to go sort through my photos. You’ll see them appear on my Flickr in due time.


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