I have a weak back and that sucks

I’m in a train waiting for it to bring me to work. Not a second goes by when part of my brain isn’t thinking about my back. How I’m sitting, how long until I should stand again. How often I should stretch and how to train the weak muscles who should be doing more than they are. (Hence the back-issues.)

It is so tireing to constantly be focused on part of my body that isn’t working as it’s supposed to. I can’t sit at a computer for too long. I have to take a lot of breaks during my workday to lie down on a yoga mat and to do excercises. It is so terribly frustrating to be limited by my own body. And then I realise that I know my problems are temporary, not everybody has that luxury. And then I shut up again.


  • Sorry to hear about your back pains. Feel better soon (if possible).

  • Alle problemen zijn tijdelijk zoals het leven zelf. Mocht je ook gespannen kuiten hebben, misschien is het dan een idee om die te masseren. Spanningen ergens anders in je lichaam beïnvloeden ook je rug. Je schrijft het zelf eigenlijk al; je weet niet hoe je moet zitten om voor je rug te compenseren. Misschien ontzie je je rug wel teveel? Hou je rug recht en hopelijk gaat het binnenkort beter.


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