I wanted an extreme hair colour, and I got one


It’s really, really pink!

I’ve been thinking about lightening my hair and putting in a pastel colour for some time now, and I wanted either a pink or a turquoise colour. In the end the hairdresser and I discussed it and pink it was! I’ll probably try turquoise some other time. The pink is a little brighter than I originally wanted, but it’ll fade soon enough and now it’s the perfect party colour for the Ke$ha concert I’m going to tonight. 🙂

I instagrammed the process, in the end I was at the hairdressers for four and half hours (decolouring reddish hair takes time!).

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Say goodbye to this hair colour. 🙂

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Say goodbye to this hair colour.

Hahahah! Try reading my mind now, government spies!

Because parts of my hair were still too peachy, you can call me captain tinfoil!


  • I LIKE! I was also at a hairdresser today.. for the first time in years and now I have bright red hair with stripes :-DDD

      • I will have to get to it, and soon! because the shock red color I had on the top is already fading! i was looking forward to that, but now I kind of got attached to the rich red :-/

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