International Nerdfighter Gathering in Maastricht

Ezra crossing his fingers

On the first of February there was an international gathering of nerdfighters in Maastricht. There was quite a large number of us gathered in the space we rented for it. A lot of games were played and it was a lovely day of hanging out with each other. I played a lot of Cards agains Humanity and mostly hung out with people I already knew from previous nerdfighter gatherings I’d attended. Sometimes that’s just all you need. I had brought my camera, but found out that I had forgotten to bring the lens that I had wanted to use. So I did not photograph much with it, but I did capture Ezra warding off evil by crossing his fingers and chopsticks. (See above.)

We were right on the bank of the river Maas and at night there was a beautiful reflection of the lights of a bridge on the water.

Bridge lights

Bridge lights

Bridge lights

I also had my Olympus Trip with me, and I’ll post the analog photos later this week. 🙂

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