I’ve started a shop!

Following the example of The Anglerfish I started my own redbubble shop. It’s my first foray into putting my stuff out there so doing it via redbubble where I don’t have to handle anything complicated like printing and shipping seems like a good idea to me.

The things I put up are photos and paintings that I never made for a specific audience, I just did them because I liked it. (The stuff that I do make for a specific audience, the readers of The Anglerfish, would not be in my own personal shop but in The Anglerfish one.)
I’ve been going through my full sketchbooks to seek out things that would be suitable for the shop. It’s been fun reliving how all the different drawings made me feel while I was making them. It made me realise that while not all drawings have a meaning behind them, they do all mean something to me because I have the context of where I was in my life when I made them. It is one of the reasons the sketchbooks are so precious to me. If something were to happen to them I could never get those specific drawings in that order back. Every mistake and success is unique, and I’ve put a lot of myself into them.

Of course those things don’t matter to other people seeing my art. They don’t have my context, and they shouldn’t need it to enjoy a pretty picture and like it (or not). So to go through my books and to try and see each page as something that might be interesting for the shop is very different. Suddenly I start to question all the things! Does this really work as a card or a poster? It’s good to think about and not just upload all the things I’ve ever done. I want to curate a good shop so that potential customers don’t have to wade through heaps of uninteresting things to find that one picture they want a greeting card of. I’ve put up a nice selection, now we just have to wait and see.

I would love to get some feedback on my shop from someone who isn’t me. 🙂

Check out my shop!

And also The Anglerfish shop!